Our stay here at Drummer Boy, has been pretty nice. It’s a better place than we had last year for 30 days. The site we had was very big. During our stay here, Friday we took a tour of the famous Dobbin House, which is now a very fine dinner place. It was built in 1775, and is a pretty historic place here in town, had a lot of very interesting history. We also walked the entire campground which was about one and a half miles. Saturday we went for a quidded battlefield walking tour. It lasted almost 3 hours, and I was able to see and walk to places I have never been before on the battlefield. Also learned a lot, Melissa also enjoyed the tour. There were about 70 people on the walk. The guides for these tours are park rangers, and a lot of them know a lot about the battle. It was fun. Sunday we went into town and walked around a bit, then went to the battlefield and walked a two mile loop, around one of my favorite spots, little round top ,and devils den. Went back to the campground and relaxed the rest of the day. Today which is Monday we drove to Staunton Va. Which I will talk about tomorrow.



Our spot at the campground

IMG_1913 (1)

Our guide Matt for the battlefield walk. He is a You tube favorite and has quite a following on his talks, and tours.


One of my favorite spots on top of Little round top looking out towards Devils den ,which the Confederates held. They tried three times to come across the valley with thousands of men to take little round top, but could not do it.


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