Today we left Walnut hills campground early and were supposed to go to Croft State park in South Carolina, a 320 mile journey, but like I said supposed to. About a hundred miles in or so ,the engine light came on. Everything seemed to be fine and we stopped off at the next rest stop. I checked things out and no leaks, everything seemed to be working fine. We pushed on and in a little while I told Melissa to call the Mayberry campground in North Carolina, and see if they had a spot for the night. They did and we got here about two  or so. Instead of 320 miles, we went 193. After we unhooked I went to the nearest Auto zone and had them put the sensor on. No major codes came up, except it was reading a lean running engine. When I got back into the truck and started it up, the engine light was off, go figure. So, I called my main man back in Pendleton, and he said it may have been just a fluke as I was going up a hill, and triggered a sensor or it may be an oxygen sensor. Either way he said, most likely not a big issue unless the truck does not run right. It could even be bad gas. Tomorrow we will see but I have hopes it will not go on again. For the night we are here at Mayberry and have a 116 mile drive to Croft state park tomorrow, hopefully. As a side issue yesterday I finally got to go to breakfast at my favorite place, yep you guessed it Waffle House, boy was it good, as you can see.

FullSizeRender - 2019-09-19T163333.718

2 thoughts on “OOOP’S A KINK IN THE ROAD

  1. Sandy

    Yum!! Waffle House always makes things better. 😁. We drove the toad with a check engine light for at least a week and a half before getting it checked out. Eventually it did need a repair……. but have another cup of coffee first. Stay safe out there!

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