We are now at Croft state park in South Carolina. We left Mayberry campground about 10 or so and got here about 2. It was 171 miles. The engine light did not come on, thank you lord.  It was a nice drive until about 50 miles to here as there is construction all over. Tomorrow we head to High Falls State park in Georgia by Macon, for two days. The park here is by a lake and back in the day was a WWII prison camp for captured germans, many of whom never went back to Germany, deciding to stay here instead. As we are here only for the day, we did a lake hike, which was about 2 miles long. The campground is right near Spartinburg, way too busy for me. Also the three mile road to get to the campground is one of the worst roads I have been on. Below is pictures of our site the hike we took and a cemetery we found..

FullSizeRender - 2019-09-20T202316.988



I am on a rise above the RV.


Steps up to the firepit.


The lake hike

FullSizeRender - 2019-09-20T202342.412

Posing for the camera


This is a early 1800’s cemetery




A newer stoner for a Rev war Vet


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