We left Stephen Foster state park today about noon and got to Silver Springs state park, near Ocala, about two today. It was a 105 mile trip, we have been here before and I made a post about it in March. This is the place where they filmed Sea Hunt the TV show, with Lyodd Bridges. We will be here till Saturday. A few things were closed when we were here last, so we may check them out in the next few days. It was sunny and humid here today and only 95 degrees. It is getting closer and closer to Key Largo time, for work camping. Since we have come into Florida, we have noticed these bugs flying around connected to each other. Find out they are love bugs, and it is mating time right now. They fly around with there butts connected.  There aren’t just a few they are all over the place, everywhere.The front of the Rv is full of them and they say they are hard to remove. Will work on cleaning them off tomorrow.


  1. Bill McHenry

    I have heard about the Love Bugs, but thank goodness I haven’t had to deal with them. One thing that I have heard works on bugs is to use a used wet dryer sheet. You will need to wash off the area after. Try a small area first to see if works without causing damage

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