Today was a mere 92, so we decide to go see Juniper Springs, which in the Ocala National Forest. It was about a 30 minute drive. The springs is a national Recreation area, run by the federal government . The springs is a day use area, and was developed in the mid 30’s by the CCC. It is a really nice place and you can swim in the springs, which are only about 1/4 as big as silver springs. We first took the 1/2 mile boardwalk trail that leads to the boiling springs area, where springs come up from the bottom and disturb the sand, hence the name boiling.



Part of the boardwalk.


Here, there is a couple of small boiling springs but hard to see. In the background the bridge we crossed.


In the middle is the boiling sand, the water here is about 10 feet deep.

Back at the main springs, there is a millhouse, where there is a water wheel turning, bringing water out of the main spring. Again built by the CCC, back in the day. They say the wheel is for not letting alligators into the main spring,????.IMG_1117


This walkway, stone bridge which is covered in growth, was built by the CCC, and could still be used but the approachs need fixing.


Could not decide which floatie to use.



The main spring, with the wheelhouse in the background. Stone and concrete barrier surrounding it, built by the CCC.


Yep that’s me in the background. There is as two foot wide ledge around the springs, then it drops off to the sandy bottom about five feet seep, and drops off fast to about twenty feet deep in the middle. The water is crystal clear, and stays at 72 degrees. May seem warm but is was cold. There were only about 20 people here today, most days it is packed solid.


This beautiful mermaid popped up, from the depths of the water, right in front of me.  I think Dave is trying to butter me up for something Big.


We stayed in the water for about an hour or so, it was refreshing and quite a nice surprise. The whole area is very clean and neat, with nice bath houses and a small visitor center. They are looking for work campers so we grabbed two applications and will send them in.  We then went back to our Silver springs campground. We leave here tomorrow for Christmas Florida, near Cape Kennedy.


Saw this gopher turtle in our campsite this afternoon, about two feet wide.


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