We are now at John Pennekamp State park. We got here a little after two or so. It was 166 miles from Jonathan Dickinson. Our arrival was met with much fan fare, no not really no one cared. Any way they put us in the volunteers camping area, and even though it looked big ,it took a bit to get in, but we did. Our home for the next 3 months. Of course as we got into our site it began to rain. Stopped as soon as we got set up. There will be rain here on and off for the next week, so we are ready for that. Tomorrow we go for orientation, and Thursday we both start work, but then have the next four days off. We have met some of the other work campers and all seem nice. May be my last post for a few days. Pic below is of our site.


2 thoughts on “ARRIVED KEY LARGO

  1. Sandy

    You’ve got shade! And a good view of all the action on the corner. Can’t wait to hear details of the job. Good luck in the new jobs you two!!

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