We are both now considered Employees of the State of Florida Parks.

Wednesday was our orientation day, from 1-5, we met the boss, and two other couples who are new also.  In total I think there are about 24 workcampers here right now. We are not parked in the regular campground we are in the volunteer village with 5 other rigs by us.

Thursday was, both of our first day. For this month and next I will be mostly in the Field/ shop, section. After that I will also have some days in the VCA, which is the Visitor Center/ Aquarium. My duties in the field/ shop, are with other full time guys doing a multitude of things, from mowing, cleaning, picking up recyclables, garbage, building and maintanance, which is what my first day involved. I went with two guys, (Ronnie, and Dan), for the day, we took out an old air conditioner, and got ready to put in a real big one. We had to plug the old hole, which was a little more of a chore as none of the new material matched so we had to recover almost the entire outer wall. I worked from 8- 4:15. My next day will be Monday, then Tuesday , Wednesday. I am sure I will be doing other things, but I have met the guys, and Justin who is the man I report too, and all seem real nice to work with. I will not lie, I was a little nervous, going in at first not knowing what to expect.

Melissa ,started at one, and worked till five or so. She is in the office with the boss of the volunteers. She was a little nervous too, but in the end she likes it. We both have the same day work schedule. More soon.

Pic below is with my field/ shop shirt, and name tag. When I go to the VCA, I will be wearing a button, tuck in park ranger shirt.

FullSizeRender - 2019-10-04T190258.155

2 thoughts on “1st DAY OF WORKCAMPING

  1. mbb6005

    How exciting I am so happy for you both. I am sure they appreciate having someone with your building knowledge and experience. They have an aquarium on site ? Wow. You will have to post pictures of that for sure

  2. Sandy

    You look official Dave! Glad the jobs are going well. Looking forward to hearing about this new adventure. Good to hear you didn’t stare at your first project and say “What???” Sounds like you’ve got the skills they need. Hope it’s all fun times. Glad they are coordinating your work days. 🙂

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