Thursday we went to the American Legion post 333 here in Key Largo. Why might you ask, I guess it is the hopping place to go. every Thursday they have a jam night there, with the local band, if you want you can go up and play with the band.

We got there about six or so ,and most of the other work campers were there. They have a fairly big area outside to sit and the band plays in a 20 x 20 pavilion. Now is the time to go ,as after the beginning of November, the place gets over 500 people on Thursdays and it is too crowed. The band has six members on of whom is a park ranger named Dan, who I have worked with. He plays guitar and sings, has wrote over 20 songs, and does a solo gig, every now and then.

As usual they have beer, mixed drinks and some food, all of which you can buy and proceeds go to the vets. Melissa and I had some beer and we each had a half chicken dinner. The crowd is mostly over 50 oldsters like ourselves and the music is our stuff. We thought they were very good, and Dan was impressive. One of the workcampers here who’s name is also Dan, got up and played the drums for a couple of songs. Come to find out he was in an 80’s hair band, and his band opened for Foghat for years. Who knew, his wife, Jackie showed us old pics of him and the band with there hair down past there shoulders. We were like WHAT. Later on a guy got up and played a few ZZ tops songs, with the band. All in all it was a really fun night and we will most likely go most Thursday.


Ranger Dan in the middle


Dan the work camper on the drums.


Another shot of Dan



Melissa and Dan’s wife Jackie


We found out this lady is a local and is 93 years old, and danced pretty well.


Saw this during the day, usually green but this one is mating, it was about 5 feet long.

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