Today we had to move from our site. We are now on site 3 in the main campground. Everyone in the volunteer village had to move. Apparently the tree we are under is a problem, a big problem, it’s roots are interfering with the bathroom foundation, and as it is a fig tree it’s fruit drops on the Rv’s here and makes a stain on the roof. Other volunteers have left here because of it. It also attracts ant’s and there are a lot of them here, all sizes. I hate ant’s. The tree has to go into a big dumpster. It cannot be cut and then chipped, as it has a sap that will clog up the blades of the chainsaws and chipper. It is supposed to be cut tomorrow, and the dumpster taken out Saturday. With us returning Saturday evening or Sunday. We will see.

Yesterday was the hardest day I have worked so far. It was a mere 88 sunny and very high humidity ,(it has been very hot here as of late). Two rangers and myself, took out old and broken cement parking stops and put new ones in. I think we replaced about 20 of them. I was soaked to the bone with sweat, and this was all before noon. after lunch I was able to get a cart and drive around picking up recycle bins and dumping them in the dumpster. That was fun, and cooler.

Melissa also had her first day in the Visitor center aquarium. She learned a good deal about fish and other things. She had a good time. Below she is wearing her ranger outfit.




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