Last night we went to a park on the Florida Bay side of the key’s. As you go down the keys the Atlantic ocean is on the south side and Florida Bay on the north ,a lot of people think it is the gulf of Mexico, which does not start until after Key West. There were some far out clouds, which I thought would not make for a good sunset, but I was wrong, as I usually am lately.



This little inlet at the park is now a swimming area, off to the left are two ladders to get in and out. The water is about 8 feet deep here, I think at one time this was a docking area for boats.



This boat was moving and Melissa got a great shot of it in the sun.



To the left of the billowing cloud, it looks  like a river of lava flowing and to the right is rain falling.


We didn’t notice above us the clouds were starting to turn blaze orange.



A blue rainbow. Blue is the fifth colored arc of the rainbow. This arc is associated with Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the leader of all the archangels, and represents spirituality. Within the rainbow, the blue represents water and the spirit world.



It has been warm here since we got here. Warmer than normal. Even though we both like the heat, it is starting to get to us and others here. This week it will be in the 88 degree range with the heat index at almost 100, sunny and no rain. Just sitting outside for five minutes you break into a sweat. It is still there summer here, but it is suppose to break in about a week or so. Then temps will be around 80 but with low humidity.

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