Saturday at the park , Ranger Lindsey, Ranger Sarina, other volunteers,  Dave & I and  volunteers in our “Volunteer Village” put together a Halloween party (Trunk & Treat and best costume) at the aquarium.  It was a smashing success.  Lots of great costumes. We didn’t get a chance to take a lot of pictures we were to busy to  to use our phones.

FullSizeRender - 2019-10-27T175415.798

Volunteers Lois, Melody and Barb


FullSizeRender - 2019-10-27T175331.584

Barb holding an alligator and smiling!


Dan holding the gator.


Great costume isn’t it!  Jackie a jellyfish is also a volunteer who really helped with the event.

FullSizeRender - 2019-10-27T175500.168

Ranger Drew – Actually Aladin on his motorized carpet.

FullSizeRender - 2019-10-27T175525.386

The car a 38 Lincoln with Gangsters, one small and one not to small.  The car was actually smoking when they pulled in, all part of the fun.  Dave had a chance to talk to them and inside the case wasn’t a gun it was full of empty bottles of prohibition liquor.


FullSizeRender - 2019-10-27T175438.886

Outside Decorations



Inside the aquarium


There are three lobsters in this tank, had a skull and three little lights in it, which the lobsters, kept picking up and taking away.

Great time had by all!



Yesterday, Dan and Jackie came by and asked if we wanted to try Paddle boarding. At first we said not today, but then decided to try it. Dan towed the boards out to the far point, where you can launch, boards, kayaks, canoes, and the like. He gave us a quick lesion, and off we went. It is basically like paddleing a canoe, or kayak, but you stand up, knee or sit. The board is much like a surf board. I was able to stand up right away, Melissa at first kneeled flat then got up like you are in the praying position. It does take a little to get used to and the paddles are big. We were both out there for about a half hour or so. Then came back in. We then sat at the pavilion for awhile and chatted, even ranger Ronnie came by and we chatted with him. It was a fun experience and will do it again.


Dan, towing the boards.


Melissa by the mangroves.


Out in the channel.


Getting a tow back.


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