Brrrrr IT’S COLD

The heat and humidity broke here a week ago, but over the week end we had a cold front come down and hay it got chilly. The week end morning temps got down to 58-60 and that’s cold here. We had to plug in our little heater, both weekend mornings. People were wearing there long pants and long sleeve shirts, but I refuse too. I have been in shorts since we left in the middle of September, and that’s the way it will stay. The weather is slowly warming up to where it should be, close to 80 and low about 70, I like that.

On another note, now that Melissa is working the gate and visitor center here at Pennekamp, and me over at the other park, I got thinking about something. That’s bad to begin with, but, I wonder what the chances are of us coming across someone we know, either from the past or recent. I bet the odds are very high, but I wonder??????????????

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