We now have been here for a little over 6 weeks. The weather has finally cooled a little, now the highs are still in the lower 80’s but the humidity is gone and it makes a big difference. On the work camping front, a few things have changed since I made my last post a while ago about our duties. Melissa was working in the office with the head volunteer coordinator, for two days and then the visitor center one day. That has now changed. I was working in the shop/maintenance area two days and was then slated to work at the visitor center one day, but that has also changed. Our three days of work were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. About a week ago that all changed. Melissa is now still two days with the coordinator but one day at the main gate. There she greets people, takes there entrance fee, and gives directions in the park. She is sort of like a cashier, and has to account for how many people come in and the money. There is always a ranger in there with her. Doing this one day a week has a learning curve to it, but she seems fine with it. I have been moved to another park all together. About 4 miles from here is another state park, there sister park they call it. Here I set up a table at the entrance, and greet people, tell them a little history about the park, and then they are off to hike, bike the few miles of mangroves and tropical hardwood hammock area. I am also there as a presence so that people will see me and then pay the entrance fee, which is on an honor system. This park gets very busy during the winter months, so they like to have someone there. Apparently they go from a 30% compliance to a 70% compliance for the entrance fee when there is a ranger there. Go figure. We both now work Thursday ,Friday, Saturday. I will make a bigger post on the park I am at in a few days. It is really quite the place.

Other than that we have been doing some things with our days off, and doing stuff with the other volunteers. In fact last night was the full moon. Some of us went out fish netting, checking out the dock and the beaches for fish. We were able to see, a few lobster, crabs, tarpon, needle fish, jelly fish ,and even saw two, one foot baby sharks in the channel off the bridge. It was great fun



FullSizeRender - 2019-11-13T184448.507




Dan and Jackie in front, Bill and Barb in back right and us.

I thought this sign was cool, so I bought it. Anyone for a drink.





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