Today we traveled west to Falling Waters State park, driving 191 miles up the hills of Florida. That’s funny, Hills. We are now in the panhandle of Florida, about 100 miles from the Alabama border. Yes, in the hills, This area is the highest elevation in the state about 324 feet above sea level. The park is pretty nice, only has 23 sites. The draw here is the highest water fall in Florida, almost 100 feet. The water falls into a deep hole and then just disappears under the limestone rock, pretty neat.

One thing that caught me by surprise is that it is an hour earlier here. So far have not got used to that.

Today I was a little bit nervous about driving, have no idea why, even Melissa commented on it. Tomorrow one more day of driving, then staying put for two weeks, at Gulf Shores state park in Alabama.




The water falls, not running to swiftly today


Sinkhole carved out by the water, no one knows where the water goes


Lake from which water travels to the falls.  You can see the beach at the other side of the water.


Melissa gives a HOOT


  1. mbb6005

    So if the water goes from the lake to the sinkhole …….how come the lake doesn’t empty out? Where does the water come from to keep the lake full? Hmmmm. Looks like a beautiful park setting. Happy travels. You are going to need two weeks to recover from all of your driving this week

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