We are now at Gulf State park in Gulf Shores Alabama. Today I drove 169 miles in the rain. It has rained all day here, and a cold front is coming in. Hello Alabama, good bye Florida. It will be about 10 degrees colder than normal for the next week. So no more 70’s and 80’s only high 50’s or so. What in the world was I thinking when I made reservations last year, oh well. In four days I have drove 725 miles or so, and I have to say i am tired, my neck is sore and my back hurts. It’s tough driving days in a row, you never get to set up all the way in the Rv, and you really never get to see much of where you are for the night.  The park here is right on the beach with a main road running through it, so the campground is on the other side from the beach. More on the park in a few days. We will be here for two weeks, so time to sit back have a few drinks, and hope we get a few warm days.

4 thoughts on “GULF SHORES ALABAMA

  1. I know the pain of consecutive travel days. We like to travel one day, stay two or more. It isn’t always possible but it is the right recipe. Enjoy Gulf Shores. My mother was never a snowbird but late in life did get to spend parts of two winters there and she enjoyed it immensely. There are some pretty good restaurants in the area. And the beaches are nice, too, if it warms up.

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