A Day at the Wharf


The wharf is like a huge village located at Foley Beach Expressway and Canal Road in Orange Beach on Portage creek that flows into the gulf . Sorta like an entertainment center spread out. There are shops (boutiques), restaurants, a huge AMC theatre, marina, condos, hotels, a water park, concert hall, a huge Ferris wheel, and a few other rides. It’s a huge place and from what I’ve heard the best time to experience it is at night because they have a light show, even the Ferris wheel has lights on it.



Dave & I went to The Wharf at Orange Beach on Saturday. We went because there was Seafood Festival, Classic Car Show and an Arts/Craft Show, all going on at the same time.  It was a great day to be outside and enjoy the day. The only down fall was the Ferris Wheel wasn’t running.










There was musicians playing along the way


                        ARTS & Crafts Show


DD (2)


bunny  air

I thought the bunny wreath was cute, but where the heck was I going to keep it!  We decided we like the really cool airplane better.  When you hang it up the wind spins the front propellers around and makes a neat noise.



Not a real big show but it had . . .  .  .

DD (1)

an old truck



Dave’s father took his family to PA in a car like this.  His dad got pulled over by the police because he had the 4 kids in the very back, which had no seats or anything.   The cop called it a playpen but nothing happened after that.  The things you could get away with back then!



General Lee was there, missing was the Duke boys, Bo & Luke



Last but not least a Pinto?



the Planters Nutmobile  was even here to pick up Dave!  Actually they were here but not to pick up Dave.

It’s a really big peanut on four wheels – and believe it or not, it even runs on fuel that can be made from peanut oil, bio-diesel.

The Nutmobile was made using several reclaimed materials and sustainable features, starting with re-used glass for the windows and windshield and steel recycled from old Fords. A wind turbine, as well as roof top solar panels, charge the internal batteries that power tour stop events.

The interior lighting is powered by low-energy LED’s.  The flooring is reclaimed wood from an old 1840’s barn in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.




After the wharf we went to the Shrimp Basket for a great dinner!IMG_3309


We were right next to a big shark so we walked over to say HI!


The end of a fun day!  And Dave didn’t even get a scratch!


4 thoughts on “A Day at the Wharf

  1. mbb6005

    What great timing, being there during this festival looks like you are getting the full gulf shores and Orange beach experience. Happy travels

  2. Sandy

    Melissa, I read your response to Bill and he was chuckling. :). Looks like you’re finding all kinds of excitement. Enjoy!

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