Mardi Gras Parade



It seems that New Orleans & Alabama are disputing over who actually had the first Mardi Gras, who knew!

Those who believe New Orleans started Mardi Gras say it took place on March 3, 1699, when French explorers Bienville and Iberville put down stakes on the west bank of the Mississippi River, about 60 miles downriver from the site of what would become the Crescent City, “La Pointe du Mardy Gras,”

Those who side with Mobile, however, claim New Orleans has it all wrong. They say the first Mardi Gras celebration in America took place in 1703, when a group of French soldiers held an impromptu celebration in the settlement of Mobile.


Today both New Orleans and Mobile continue to celebrate Mardi Gras.  All we know for sure is that, for 300 years, America has loved Mardi Gras.

Dave & I went to our 1st Mardi Gras parade on Tuesday, known as Fat Tuesday, right down the street from where we’re staying.  As you can tell by the pictures It was a lot of fun ! !

FullSizeRender - 2020-02-26T195057.249




FullSizeRender - 2020-02-26T194917.712





By-Standers were wearing costumes and best of all, the people in the floats were throwing candy, moon pies, toys, and tons of beads into the crowds! 

Why beads you ask?  It is rumored that when Grand Duke Alexis visited in 1872, his welcoming committee handed out purple, green, and gold beads to the party-goers that year, as they were the colors of his home.

The trio of shades came to symbolize the festivities and were later given meanings: purple for justice, gold for power, and green for faith.

got beads

It was a really fun time.  We met a lot of great people and got lots and lots of beads!




Our collection of Mardi Gras Beads !!










3 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Parade

  1. Sandy

    You are party animals!! :). Hope you got a piece of King Cake also. If you get over to NOLA, you can tour the factory where the floats are made. Very interesting. But I wouldn’t go near Mardi Gras season, as the floats would not be in production.

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