We are now at Natchez State park ,about 10 miles from Natchez itself, which is right on the Mississippi river and a very historic town. We will be here till the 21st hopefully. Drove 196 miles today from Waveland by the coast. We are no longer by the ocean or the gulf, but north, inland. Pics below of our site and the lake below us,

IMG_1932 (1)

Our site


Lake Natchez which to the left widens out.


When we went to New Orleans Wednesday and Thursday, to visit the world war II museum and take a guided tour for the day, we had no issues, on Friday however, the museum is now closed and no more tours for the next few weeks, at least. I have not been thinking of this virus at all, until now. All the reservations we have coming up are at State parks. Most parks have cancelled events, and I think this week some may start to close parks. If that happens we could go to private parks, but with everything closing down, we may not be able to do what we planed. So I am already thinking in the back of my head ,we may be heading back to our home base, at my brothers sooner than we like. I think this week will tell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Bill McHenry

    Yuck. Us too. We made it to Vaughn New Mexico tonight. It is FREEZING. The thermometer shows 45 degrees but we have heavy fog and are at 6200 feet elevation. I could have swore I saw huge mounds of snow. No moon. Horrible driving. Finally pulled over in a Valvoline dirt parking lot to get some sleep and check things out at sunrise

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