Today, we should have moved on to LaFleuar’s State park near Jackson Mississippi (which is the capital) for 9 days, but last Monday got a call from them telling me the state park was closed due to Flooding of all things. With that we have extended our stay here at Natchez State park until the 25th, and reserved Rivertown Rose campground(a private park) near Vicksburg, for 5 days till the 29th. This would have put us back on track to get into Arkansas, to visit Crater of Diamonds state park, and Hot Springs national park. That has now also changed. Crater of Diamonds, where you can hunt for real diamonds in there 40 acre plowed field, has now closed the visitor center and the diamond field to hunting. The park is open but nothing to do. At Hot Springs they have closed all the visitor centers, bathhouses, and changing house to go to the springs. So, wooooes me, what to do.

SO, We rented this island for a month, they ferry your Rv over and there you are out of it all.



We are just going to stay longer at Rivertown Rose,(hopefully) near Vicksburg. Couple of reasons, one, its warm here, further up north we go it gets cold. It is in the 70’s here and is going to be for a while. Second, I guess we just need to sit tight for a while and see what plays out with the virus deal. We still have plans to get to Memphis, Corinth, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and the Smokies before heading back north. Things could change any minute but for now just taking it one day at a time. Plus we have plenty of toilet paper.

3 thoughts on “BUMP IN THE ROAD

  1. mbb6005

    Sounds like you are being creative. These times the more you remain flexible, the better. Glad you are doing okay and have TP. Very important 🤗💕

  2. Sandy

    What?! No rock for Melissa’s finger? I’d be happy to search which jewelry stores are still open to compensate for that loss. 😈
    Well, maybe that roll of toilet paper can be a replacement til another year. 💍

  3. Bill McHenry

    I love the island picture. Tropical?? We made it home but cold here today. Have to keep the heat on in the MH to keep the pipes from freezing.

    Glad to hear you have TP. You may be able to sell it 🙂

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