We are now in Vicksburg, drove 56 miles today from Natchez to Vicksburg, we are now staying at Rivertown Rv resort for 3 weeks. This was not one of our planned stops, but with all the closures in Arkansas, we had no choice. We decided to come up here because it is, for one not a state park, which seem to be closing all the time, two it is still warm here and three, Vicksburg is a very historic civil war area, so I am in heaven. What is open right now is another story, but we will see.

The campground seems to be very nice with over 100 pull thru’s, a pool, laundry and all that. There are more people here than I would of thought, the office said usually not full at all, but to me it is pretty full. Pics below are of our spot here.




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