Between our stay in Waveland and Vicksburg MS we stayed at Natchez MS

We stayed at Natchez State Park.  From the entrance to the park to where the sites are was about 3 miles. It was all forest and the sites were also in the trees.  It was an OK place to stay, especially for someone who loves fishing.  There wasn’t a lot pf people there at all, just people fishing.  I don’t think it was due to the covid-19, I think it’s always very quiet there.


The best thing about the park was that the flowers were in bloom!


IMG_3850    IMG_3783IMG_3813

Dave & I were in Natchez years back but only for a brief time. We were disappointed being in Natchez this time and not doing and seeing what we wanted to due to the virus.  Especially Dave who is definitely a history buff and Natchez has plenty of that.

Natchez the town that looks over the Mississippi has lots of history dating back to 1716, it’s the oldest continuous settlement on the Mississippi River. Even before Natchez was settled by Europeans, the city was home to the Natchez Indians. Natchez is home to some of the most well preserved and architecturally Southern Homes and plantations in the South and it was once the wealthiest city in America. Luckily, most of the homes in Natchez survived the Civil War.

We took a couple trips to the old part of Natchez.




3786 IMG_3795

3798 IMG_3810


We actually got to eat outside The Camp Restaurant right across from the Mississippi River before the virus.  It was very good!


IMG_3846   IMG_3844


The mighty Mississippi still above the sea level.

IMG_3842  IMG_3840


We visited the Natchez National Cemetery, a good spot to walk.1



IMG_3834                  3796


2 thoughts on “Between our stay in Waveland and Vicksburg MS we stayed at Natchez MS

  1. Sandy

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who appreciates cemeteries. Always fascinating.
    Love the stairway photo, and photos show just how deserted the streets are! Like every town is a ghost town! Very eerie.

  2. mbb6005

    Great photos. Stay safe . I know you will definitely have some strange memories from this trip. Such an odd time in history that’s for sure.

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