We have now been at Rivertown Rv park for almost two weeks. We have extended our stay here until the 18th. We were to have gone to Memphis, but everything is closed . As this park is private the office, bathrooms, showers and all that are open.The park is quiet, there are a lot of units here that people live in full time, and some seasonals. We see them come and go to work and back. We have also seen a lot of travelers come in for one night and then gone on there way.

We have been out and about the city, not the historic part or the Vicksburg battlefield yet. Most everything is closed or open for take out, which we have done. We have been to the Dairy Queen, the Chic fila(for the first time, it was good) and a place called the Gumbo Pot. The Gumbo Pot is more of a fancy place, but with take out only, pic below shows how we got it. I have to say it was very good, I got Blackened catfish and fries, and Melissa got grits and schrimp. We will most likely order there again, if they stay open. The one place I miss the most is going to breakfast at the Waffle house, most are just closed around here. I feel really bad for resturants, having to do this, many, many will not reopen, because of the poor regulations put in place by the puppet government.

Shopping has been interesting. Have gone twice to the local Dollar General, it looks like a bomb went off in it with people just fumbling around. Will try not to go there again.We have been to the local Walmart three times, each time was worse, the second time about a week ago most people were all over each other, hacking and coughing all the while. Today was our third and last time there for at least two weeks. We made masks and wore them. They now only allow a certain number of people in at a time, so it wasn’t to crowded.

We have also been walking most every day, there is a dog park and walking trail right across the road. So we go there walk a few miles and let Cooper run in the dog run. The weather here has been nice , in the mid 70’s most days.


Our delicious dinner from the Gumbo Pot.


My new look around town.


Cooper sleeping, he likes to keep his nose warm.

Below, One of the sunsets the other night.


That is about it for now, not very exciting, but what is right now. We do have plans in the next week or so to go into the historic part of town and walk around, and also visit the Vicksburg National Military park. Even though most places are closed, the battlefield roads are still open for driving ,hiking and walking.

I saw this posted the other day. A 1920 made Tree RV. I wonder how long it lasted. Pretty neat too bad you can’t find a tree that big any more, I would make a few.











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