We are now in Chattanooga Tn, sort of, the park we are at( Holiday Trav park) is actually in Georgia, less than 1/4 mile from Tennessee. The park is not one of our planned stops, we were to have stayed at Canyonlands State park in Georgia, close to Chattanooga, but they canceled our reservation, with all the non sense going on. So we booked our stay here at Holiday Trav park for 9 days.

We got here Saturday, after driving 235 mile east from Corinth Mississippi. The roads here are terrible to say the least. The park has a lot of pull thru’s which is nice, it also sits on a civil war skirmish area, where some fighting took place before the battle of Chickamaga in Georgia. More to come, below are pics of our spot.




Monument on the park property, where the troops of the 84th Indiana Vols, spent time.

3 thoughts on “CHATTANOOGA TN

  1. Sandy

    Hope you’re out of the tornado zone! This spring is really aggressive with Deep South tornados! Stay safe and you’re in our thoughts!

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