Good by to The Miss

Staying in Miss was a bit diverse. Not only because of the virus but from being up yonder in New York, not from their neck of the woods, I felt a bit out of place like some of y’all thought “I was too big for my britches.” Being here we only saw one other license plate for NY and not many others from up yonder.  But on the other hand most of folks, especially the original Mississip’s made us feel “Happier than a tornado in a trailer park.” Should I be saying that?

Some  parting pictures of  Mississippi

Vicksburg Riverfront Murals located on Levee Street along the flood wall. right down by the Mighty Mississippi River.




Robert Dafford’s 32 life-like pictorial murals depict periods of history in Vicksburg. Also featured is an abstract mural by Vicksburg artist Martha Ferris which was the first mural to be painted along the floodwall in 2001. The murals recognizes three vital pathways  showing  Vicksburg’s diversity: the river, the railroad, and the highway.

Here are a couple of my favorite


Mural by Martha Ferris



“The Teddy Bear is Born”

On November 12, 1902, the Washington Post reported that President Theodore Roosevelt was headed to  Mississippi for a 4-day bear hunt.    I just love how the artist painted their faces, they look so real.





 The start of something big!


I bet he didn’t know back then that Coca Cola would be used to fertilize, tenderize and neutralize not only just to Drink!  Things go better with Coke!



1953 Tornado: “The Highest Award for Journalism” A disaster that won a Pulitzer Prize

On a warm Saturday afternoon in the winter of 1953, a tornado etched a path of destruction from Vicksburg’s waterfront through downtown and into a northeast residential area.

The Vicksburg Sunday Post Herald received journalism’s highest award, the Pulitzer Prize, for its courage under deadline pressure. The Sunday newspaper was printed and then delivered by its carriers the morning following the tornado. Mr. Pat Cashman is pictured below at the unveiling ceremony.




The idea for the park can be credited to Civil War veterans of the Blue and Gray Association who, in 1895, formed the Vicksburg National Military Park Association.,   Veterans helped to mark the park.

WILLIE DIXON:   “The Blue are the Roots … the Rest are the Fruits”


The River she is still a risin

When in RomeDo as the Romans Do



The Tomato Place

We heard so much about it we had to go and check it out.  We didn’t get any take out dinners although others were, everyone says their food is delicious.  We did sample some of their own special sauces and they were so good we bought some.  So glad we did! Ya never know what your gonna find in The Miss.

“Part old-fashioned produce stand, part cafe, and part craft gallery, this colorful, quirky place sits along US 61 just south of Vicksburg. It offers locally grown fruit and vegetables, homemade jams and preserves, all-fruit smoothies, and fresh squeezed lemonade. Diners can enjoy tasty po’ boys, BLTs, sweet potato fries, and peach cobbler.”


One of our Favorite Restaurants!



Dave and I first went to Abe’s about 14 years ago when we were in the area.  After passing Abe’s I told Dave we should go there for breakfast.  He reluctantly agreed.  He let me go in first and unwillingly followed.  To say the least we had a wonderful breakfast and went back after that.   Like all the reviews say “it’s an unexpected treat”



We’ve always talked about how unique a place and how delicious Abe’s food was.  We were very glad they were open for take-out this time around.   Abe’s is famous for his homemade biscuits and meat – pork, steak and ham.  I’m not a fan of meat, just don’t like the taste.  There one exception: Our friends Don & Mary’s steak dinner.  Don has a way of making a steak taste so good, it doesn’t taste like steak!  It’s the only steak I eat! Plus with Mary’s side dishes you can’t go wrong!  Dave had a pork sandwich and said I had to try it so I did! Abe’s pork sandwich was also so delicious, it melts in your mouth.  Top it off with his delicious Idaho French fires and sweet ice tea you just can’t go wrong!  In fact we went back twice !  Abe is the original owner and chef and it is always great to talk with him and his wife.  They have been in business for 47 years and still going strong!  See you next time around Abe, Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!


Oh boy was it good!!

{     }    {      }   {    }   {    }   {    }  {     }

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.  `John Muir~

Besides eating …..We do go to great places to walk and enjoy our surroundings.

Bless Your Heart…. for peekin at my blog, I’ve been piddlin around like all tarnation to get it done, so darn tootin glad I it did!           Hopefully, my friend Sandy, when we see you next I won’t be talkin like this!  ONE





4 thoughts on “Good by to The Miss

  1. Sandy

    Oh, we’re definitely going to need you to reprise your official Mississippi slang and accent to get the authentic in person version!! ;). It sounds just too good to miss. Soon……

    And aren’t John Muir quotes just the best? Love them.

    But I’m with Dave, I’d send Bill in to that restaurant first, just not sure I’d follow him! Dave is a saint! That being said, our daughters have taken us into some dubious restaurants with questionable cleanliness, but the food is always good. But this past waitress can’t usually get past the thought of what condition the kitchen could be in. We were in a couple similar type places in cowboy Tucson with 50/50 results.

  2. Bill McHenry

    Hello Southern Bell. Glad to see yin’s are still hikin after all that food y’all are eatin. 😀. I can’t wait to eat @t Abe’s. Tell DaveI said hello

  3. Don and I are just plumb tickled for the shout out about our Steak and fixins. Don Is sitting here Grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater. Love you guys and hope to have some grub with you real soon. We will leave the light on for ya

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