We are now in Gettysburg Pa at the Drummer Boy Campground. We have been here before. Staying here till Wednesday morning when we will have about four one night hops ahead of us to get to Georgia or so. Tomorrow we will visit a Friend of Melissa from her work long ago, and Tuesday will visit the town and battlefield for the day.

Yesterday (Saturday )we left our home base in Newfane and drove 240 miles to Williamsport Pa, where we stayed at a Walmart. One thing i forgot to think of when we decided to stay here was that it would be colder. It was 39 last night, no heat, with no hook ups. It was not as bad as we thought it would be. Actually slept some. We got there about five or so, and had dinner and snacks in the truck( it was warmer), then about 9:30 or so went in the rv and went to bed. Today (Sunday) got up had egg sandwhich from the resturant nearby and left about 10 and got here a little after one, drove 148 miles. Already 10 degrees warmer here. That’s about it for now, pics below of Walmart site and campground site.

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