Back on the road

As Dave said, We’re on the road again! Time for new adventures!

We’re leaving Gettysburg today and won’t be back for a few years. As those of you who know Dave two years will be a long time for him. We stayed at

We’ve stayed here before it’s a nice place. One of the nicest things was that it didn’t rain and the weather was great for our walks around the battlefield and town.

On Monday the 5th we took a ride to Schellsburg PA., to visit a friend of mine Amy, whom I worked with awhile back at Northrup Grumman.  She moved to PA  and is now living in a house she inherited from her Father.  It’s a really nice place on a long curvy road. You gotta love roads like that.

The road to a friend’s house is never long. Danish proverb

Me, Maggie in the middle and last but not least Amy!
Dave trying to get Amy’s parrot, Burt to say a new word. I won’t tell you what it was!

Thanks for everything Amy, it was great seeing you again! ! !

On the 6th we walked around the Gettysburg Battlefield.

We walked to my dad’s favorite place, Little Round Top, and stood where he used to stand. He stood just like General Warren and looked across the valley to Devil’s Den. I wish I knew wat he was thinking.

We continued to walk to Dave’s favorite places and then into town and had a pizza at Tommy’s, it was delicious as always! Nice time had by all!

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