Today was not the wash out we thought it would be. So we did a few things and found out more about the park. So my first history lesson in a very long time.

Yesterday when we went to Walmart to shop a little, I spotted a Waffle House, yep this morning we went there for breakfast. It was so so service, but the food is always good, could of been a little hotter, Coffee is great. Now i am happy.

After that we went into the park and visited another family cemetery. Up until 1939 there were about 250 families living in the park boundries. Six family cemeteries are here. My post last year on the park had a bit on one of them. This one was the Lee family


After that we went back to the Rv and started to clean it a little inside, has been a while, about noon, we decided to take a hike on the nature trail, about 1.5 miles, after a while i told Melissa i think we are on the wrong trail, sure enough we were on the Fairforest creek trail, 3.5 miles long. OOPS , then it started to rain, harder and harder, we backtracked a little to a side trail that led along the road, for the last mile or so. In total we hiked 4 miles, and got pretty wet.

After we got back i went and took a nice hot shower, AAAH it waas nice. Melissa of course wore a rain jacket, not me ????.

Now for some history on the park which was first named Camp Croft. Built on 9000 acres back in 1939, it was a army training camp. In all 250,000 men were trained here during the war. 16,000 came in at a time and They trained in everything you could think of, in there 16 weeks of training. Then shipped off to the war, mostly Europe or the pacific. After the war, 7000 acres were sold to the state to make the park, and 2000 remain as camp Croft recreation area. All over the place and on all the trails you see signs, not beware of bears, but beware of live explosives. As a training site everything from hand grenades, bazooka rounds, anti tank rounds, artillery rounds were used here, lots did not go off. They are all over and they tell you that. Be neat to find a grenade!!!!. WHY didn’t we notice this last time we were here, HUH

So there you have it, tomorrow we leave(most likely in the rain) for Georgia

3 thoughts on “CROFT STATE PARK

  1. Bill

    Boy does this sound familiar. We do the same exact thing, less the grenades ;-). After telling our two girls some stories of us getting lost, taking the wrong trails, expecting to hike an hour, only popping out of the woods 4 hours later, they became worried and bought us an “Emergency Beacon” to carry so we can call in the troops if we need help.

    Also, Dave don’t you just hate it that we married two girls that are smarter than us. Come on, really bringing a rain jacket on a hike. Thank goodness the two of us aren’t made of sugar as we haven’t melted yet in the rain. Really, who brings a rain jacket on a hike???

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