We are now near Macon Georgia, at High Falls State Park, we have been here before. We left earlier this morning than we usually do, mostly because we were awake early, it rained all night and hard at times, remints of Delta. However when we got up it stopped and we were able to hitch up and leave. The site we had has a tight bend when you leave and downhill, boy did the 5er moan as i made the turn. It rained on and off all day as we made our way down here. Plus traffic again was bad ,and we hit a traffic jam, right before Atlanta, lasted about an hour ,stop and go. I was frustrated today, people just think they can dart in front of you or tail gate behind. We drove 234 miles today, the most of the trip so far. Tonight i think i will just sit in the recliner and rest, no tv music, nothing. Picture of our spot here below.

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