Better Late than never ….?

Bike Path in Pendleton

The 2 places I worked this summer, Brown Electric and Pendleton Star Pharmay. I had the opportunity to work with incredible people. Thanks once again!

Having Fun at Krull Park

Having one of Dave’s good grilled dinners!

Two of our favorite places we visited a few times this summer

Popcorn at Bye’s and ice cream at Reid’s, who can resist?

We celebrated 4th of July with Doug & Jennifer at their house. The pics are of all the neighbors showing off their works.

At Karen’s
At Jennifer’s

Still had a few things left from selling our house, have just a tiny bit now!

Hangin out with great folks

visited some near by places by the water for the cool summer breeze. It was a hot summer.

My parents took me and my sister here when we were little. We went here again and it was even more delicious then I remember. O.K. I’m going to be like Dave and give a little history about the place. I wish I had some Now!

Hibbard’s Original Old-Fashioned Frozen Custard opened in April of 1939 in a small 25’ X 25’ building which is where it still is. Recently, after doing some extensive research, it was discovered that Hibbard’s Original Frozen Custard is the sixth oldest family-owned, continuously operated frozen custard stand in the United States which still operates from its original location.

Why Hibbard’s custard is so good…. the main reason for Hibbard’s deliciousness (besides the fact that it’s made fresh throughout the day) is that in the design of the custard machine, less air gets pumped into custard. Leaving you with a creamier and much richer treat than ice cream. Hibbard’s custard will put your ordinary soft serve ice cream to shame.

Stayed at Sleepy Hollow and met with some old friends!😊

Some of the gang at Sleepy Hollow both 2 legs and 4 legs
Donna & Jeff’s Annual Labor Day Kickball game
Pitcher for both teams. Is it cause he’s good or crazy?

Our time has come to say farewell to the cabin in Holland.  We have been going there for about 27 years. When Doug & Jennifer first took us there we were just sleeping in our trucks. Then started building a new cabin, taking down the old cabin and rebuilding a shed in its place.   Lots of good memories.

The pictures below are of Dave’s and mine last two times at the cabin in Holland.

Building new stairs for the new owners

Putting up a plaque in memory of our Dad. He really liked it here.

Leaving the cabin and property in Holland was like saying good-bye to a dear old friend.

The saddest thing about burning a bridge is realizing that you can never get back to the beautiful place it used to take you. Unknown

We didn’t realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun. Unknown

2 thoughts on “Better Late than never ….?

  1. mbb6005

    looks like you had a great summer. I love custard. The buffalo bills fire hydrant was cool too. Some good memories at the Holland cabin. So glad we got to stay there once to be a part of the memories with you. Your dad would have been proud to see the plaque there.

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