So, we are pretty settled here now at our spot for our work camping job. We both start tomorrow. We also both seem to be way more at ease than last year, as we had no idea what to expect. The weather here has been some sun, pop up thunderstorms and windy, at times. Temps are in the mid 80’s. Normally the storms are over but not yet for this year. This is now our 3rd year coming to this park in the winter, and second time work camping. Below is some points of interest of our travels down here.

  • We have now been full timing for 2 years plus, where does the time go.
  • I now have 12,000 total miles towing the 5er, still can’t back up.
  • Towed the 5er this trip, 1,973 miles from our home base to here.
  • Took us 13 days to get here, drove 10 of those days.
  • Ran the truck on medium grade high test gas this time, it ran very well.
  • Spent $800.00 or so on gas to get here.
  • Spent $510 on camp fees to get here.
  • When we left i was wearing long pants, when we got here, i was wearing shorts.
  • All my long pants are put away for at least 9 months.
  • Our first night out we had the heat on, the last night out before we got here the air conditioner was on.
  • Elevation above sea level, at home base is 580 feet, elevation above sea level here at our spot is less than 12 inchs.
  • Lastly, WE will not miss the winters up north.


  1. Bill

    My thoughts exactly. Shorts year around. The only white stuff I want to see is on the news from up North 😀. I had to laugh at your comment “still can’t back it up”. Of course that site you are in is sized for a pup tent.

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