So, I am no longer in maintanance. Last weekend the volunteer supervisor called me and asked if i would change positions, after talking it over i said, what ever the park needs, i am fine with. With that, i am now an Open Ranger, this positon is sometimes given to a volunteer, but the volunteer is always with a park ranger during the shift. I will not have a park ranger with me and will be on my own during my shift. This is normally never done, the simple reason is that a number of park rangers have retired, and a few have just left. So the park is extremely short handed right now.

So what is an open ranger, well they open the park for the day basically. There are about 30 specified tasks that need to be done in order to do that, from opening gates, putting the 5 flags up, opening bathhouses, cleaning beaches, blowing leaves out of walk ways and parking areas,getting weather data from the other park, etc , etc,. The park opens at 7:45, so guess what , i now get up at 6:00 A.M. and start my shift at 6:45 A.M., for me that’s too damn early, but i have agreed to it. I have completed my three days of training and they feel i am ready to start on my own. My first day will be Nov 2nd. I am sure i can do it, i just am not used to getting up that early.

For now that’s about it, the weather is still mid 80’s every day ,and more sunshine of late. Today both of us went in the ocean for a little swim ,and snorkeling.

2 thoughts on “BUT, BUT, I’M JUST A VOLUNTEER

  1. Sandy

    So now you’re the Lone Ranger? He was always a hero of mine. 😆
    But I don’t ever remember him being a little groggy. 🙂
    Stock up on coffee! Early to bed, early to rise., makes a man……?

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