Hi y’all

We’re here once again at John Pennekamp in Key Largo!

Key Largo is the first of the fabulous Florida Keys and is the self-proclaimed Dive Capital of the World. It is home to the world’s largest artificial reef, the 510-foot USS Spiegel Grove, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and the African Queen. What more can I say?

It’s good to be back and see some familiar faces and sights.


All you need is a good dose of vitamin sea.

While there’s no big Halloween event this year because of covid, John Pennekamp State Park will still be full of magic on Halloween.  Bringing handmade  ocean reefs  outside the aquarium  and having scavenger hunts. 

Making and then putting everything together

Seagrass is important

Seagrasses are sensitive to changes in the environment and act as a key indicator of the lagoon’s health. Seagrasses are marine flowering plants that require sunlight and thrive in clear, shallow waters. As a key foundational habitat.  Lagoon, seagrasses form complex and expansive meadows. Essential to the lagoon, seagrasses provide nursery and refuge habitat for many species, produce oxygen for animals, absorb excess nutrients, and help maintain water quality. Do I sound like Dave?

One of the scavengers hunts was find out how many fish were around and in the pavilion. Nicole one of the volunteers made all the fish.
Halloween night at Far & Cannon Beach

Look up in the sky…… it’s ……..

Ranger Smith
Ranger Fish in Spongebob


Lookin good Open Ranger Dave

Aquarium Maintenance

I got a great volunteer opportunity, even though the aquarium is closed due to covid and being short staffed, I still get to be at the aquarium behind the scenes.  Helping Lindsey & Serena, two great rangers, with the goings on in the daily activates of the aquarium. 

I only was there for one day so far, but it’s all about Chemistry.

I got to  monitor the water levels in the different tanks..  We never had an aquarium as kids , so this is all new to me.  We monitored  the Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and  ph levels with test tubes, eye droppers, different dye solutions and color strips.   We also tested the temperature with a thermometer and the salinity level with a refractometer which is kinda hard to read.

Then they started talking about different corals and fishes, it was like they were talking another language.  It was a fun day! Looking forward to learning about aquariums!

Ranger Lindsey cleaning one of the aquariums

Ranger Serena, is holding a large piece of paper for Lindsey so she can see the “limescale, dirt, on the aquarium walls.

2 thoughts on “Hi y’all

  1. Sandy

    Wow. Fun post and I’m more than impressed with the artistic abilities of everyone who put that outdoor aquarium together for Halloween!! Who would have thought about another way to use pool noodles! Stay safe down there! Keep a couple pool noodles on hand at all times as Eta comes knocking!! Just in case.

  2. Wow working at the aquarium sounds like a great experience. How fun. I can see your handiwork in the Halloween decorations. They put your skills to good use. Miss you guys. Be safe 💕💕

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