“Hey, y’all.”

Everything is going well here in the Keys! Even Ranger Dave is happy! ♪”He is back in the saddle again.” ♪ Getting use to waking up early and seeing the sunrise on the beach, especially now that the weather is nice and sunny and no rain! And he likes driving around in his cart.

Three Cheers for Ranger Dave !! 👏

A walk around the campground

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Beautiful day for a wedding at Far Beach

Walks at Dagny Johnson State Park, Dagny Dave’s old stomping grounds.

😊 😉 😎


Pictures behind the scenes at the aquarium.

The pictures below are of the five 100-200 galloon tanks with various fish, a lobster, crab and different corals. These are the tanks that have to be maintained daily, with feeding the fish, water changes, vacuuming, cleaning the glass and chemistry tests.

Ranger Serena vacuuming tank #1

Upstairs at the aquarium is how you get to the 30,000 gallon tank. When I feed the fish I make sure I don’t step off the edge. That wouldn’t be a pretty sight if I did. 😒

The pictures above are of the 30,000 gallon tank in the middle of the aquarium that I don’t want to fall into.

Some of my favorite fish at the aquarium

Meet Louie the lobster and Carl the Slipper lobster

My favorite is the lion fish. He is edible and I hear very good tasting, as long as you don’t eat his 18 venomous spines along the top of his body. But if you look close at his face he looks like a sad bull dog. So I don’t think I can eat one.

Find Waldo the fish? He likes to hide.

Ranger Shep, will soon be leaving John Pennekamp  to embark on a new adventure.  He bought a sail boat and will be sailing off to  Trinidad.   We got a chance to see his boat before he sets sail.  We wish him the best of luck!

Ranger Shep, now Captain Shep

All the volunteers, Ranger Elena and Ranger Drew got together for a Thanksgiving Pot Luck dinner. There were 18 of us that gathered for a dinner that delicious and all had a good time!

That’s it for now y’all! Take Care and Be Safe!

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