We have now been here almost five weeks. For some reason it feels like a lot longer than that???. Could be with all the turmoil of being evacuated. It cost about $200.00 for us, with gas and campground fees, to leave and come back. This week has been super windy and not a lot of sun, but warm. Going to the beach and sitting there is like getting beat up, with all the sand being blown around in your face and the wind. People are doing it though, if you only have a few days here, i guess. Better weather is coming this week, nothing but sun, way less wind and 80’s. We have been in a low profile, places to go are still closed like visitor centers and museums or you have to wear a mask. Plus the park still has far beach closed, and none of the boats have gone out due to the wind for at least ten days. Our jobs are going good and no complaints, why should there be we are only volunteers HA, HA. The other day Bob and Nicole gave us some yellowtail they caught on a fishing trip. We cooked it up and it was very good.

Cooking up our fish
Yellow tail and brown rice, Yum, Yum

One thing we are doing is watching Breaking Bad. We are in season three right now and it is wild, we are hooked. Other than that not a lot. All of us volunteers are planning a get together for thanksgiving this Thursday. See how that works out.

One thought on “TIME FLIES OR DOES IT

  1. The fish looks delicious. Can’t get any fresher than that. Wow. We watched breaking bad. Yikes ….some nights after we watched 3 episodes I couldn’t sleep. I’d be worried about Walt or just keyed up from all the mayhem we had just seen. Enjoy.

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