We are now in Key Biscayne Florida, at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. We left Key Largo Friday( new years day), and drove 67 miles to get here. Key Biscayne is a small barrier island about one half mile off the mainland connected by a bridge and small causeway, about 2 miles south of down town Miami. It took two hours to get here. There was one accident on the causeway coming out of the Keys ,and heavy traffic coming into the park here. There is only one main road coming into Key Biscayne and it ends right at the park entrance. As we got to the park entrance we noticed a sign that said, park closed, with a traffic barrier and two cop cars. All the traffic was turning around as they could not get in. I pulled to the right side, got out and talked to one of the cops. They knew we were coming and were waiting so they could escort us in. Wow a police escort, we felt important. After we got in the park we went to our site and got set up. There is only one other resident volunteer couple here. She works here at the park and he has his own business, so he does not volunteer. We have a nice big spot here, lots of room. Other than that we are just getting settled in and start working Tuesday, have no idea what we will be doing. I will soon make a post on Key Biscayne, the park and history, for now we are doing well, and Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “KEY BISCAYNE FL.

  1. Sandy

    wow! Can I have your autographs!? Police escort!
    Sounds like it may be a quiet time and you’ll have the park to yourself. That would be wonderful! Can’t wait for more info!

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