We have now been here just a little over a week. All is well and we are settleing in good. We have also finished our first week of work. We will be working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday while here. Melissa will be at the gate from 7:30 till 2:00 and i will be working in maintanance and field.

Missy in her uniform.
Me in my park shirt
My picker mobile all set up for duty

Above is my picker mobile, i will be using while working here. As there are 16 park rangers here, the carts they get around in are scarce, so i made up the picker mobile. It has a basket on back where i can put tools as needed, or the trash bucket, as you see in the photo. My picker is mounted up front. so far i have ridden 4 to 5 miles each day i have worked, so i will be getting my miles in. The park is big about 430 acres, with beach access, access to the sea wall area, paved bike path around the park, and many trails going every where. There are about 900 parking spots, not counting the resturant area, right now only 500 cars are allowed in the park(because of covid)then the park is closed for the day. Friday and the weekend seem to be the busiest and the times it closes early.

Above is the park, the main road coming in top to bottom on the right side. The 1.2 mile long beach is on the right (Atlantic side) and the seawall, where there a lot of piers for fishing is on the right side. No name harbor is on the left side or Biscayne bay side. The lighthouse (which is closed right now) is at the point on the bottom. On the map about 3/4 of the way down ,sort of in the middle is where we are staying, we are near the shop, and administration offices.

Picture above is of the lighthouse at the point.

The harbor, and below biggest boat i have seen yet about 80 feet or so.

Boats out in the bay.

View along the beach

Lots of fishing along the sea wall all the time, this guy caught a nice fish as we went by.

Above is a picture of a lightning Welk shell( about 3 inchs long) i found, when we were walking the beach one of the first days we got here. It was half buried in the sand and i just saw it and picked it up not knowing what it was. It is in very fine shape and a good find, considering shells are not really known here to much.

This is one of the biggest Banyon trees i have ever seen down here in Florida, it is located right in the middle of the park along a trail, has to be well over 100 years old.

Cooper having fun in the dog park we found in town. GO Coopy

We have also been walking a lot and riding our bikes way more than we did at Pennecamp. It is only about 1.5 miles into town from here, so we will be doing that from time to time. Also good for me, not so for Melissa is we get a lot of TV channels here, as we are only a few miles from Miami. So i will be getting my fill of GRIT TV, and am happy, but hay we are on an island in south Florida, during the winter, so how can we not be happy.


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