Pictures I’ve taken of Key Biscayne during our stay. . .

Dave riding his bike biking picking up debris and doing various jobs they gave him, like making the above signs.

Me at the gate and my friends who stop by to see me in the early morning.

WHY! My first thought when I saw him riding around the park
and still do when I see him.

A surrey with the fringe on top ….

My sister and I had a surrey when we were little


Paths and trails we took off the beaten path in the park.


A few more pictures of the park

No chicken for dinner tonight!

One of the beach entrances

Boater’s Grill restaurant inside the park

Seawall by the lighthouse

Along the pier there are some benches with notable dedications

Cooper’s friend Dasha, a female whipet

Some of my favorite Sunrise & Sunset pictures

It’s great to have your own private beach at night.

Village Green at the center of the Village

Mashta House (Mansion) in Key Biscayne Just Sold for $47 Million. What a steal, I wish we knew about it. 🤣

We went here a few times to eat and sat outside. Very good Latin food !!


Today here is our last day here, we leave tomorrow morning

3 thoughts on “Pictures I’ve taken of Key Biscayne during our stay. . .

  1. Sandy

    Love your gate friends! Beautiful pics. Will definitely miss being at Gulf Shores with you. But travel safe and have a great time.

  2. Wow……beautiful pictures! What an experience you both had. On to new adventures. Can’t wait to see what the Wild West has in store for you 💕💕. Safe travels.

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