We are now at La Belle Florida at the Corps of Engineer, Ortano Lock park. We have been here before, and will be just here tonight.

We left Key Biscayne about 11 this morning, pretty bittersweet, it was a great place, got in a lot of ocean swimming in the last week, and also an awesome tan. We will be back next year, but time to move on.

Drove 163 miles today and it felt forever, it was a pain in the ass, getting out of Miami and all the traffic, it’s just one big concrete jungle there. Other than that move on to the top of Florida tomorrow.

Our spot, just before leaving today.
Our spot for the night here at the lock’s

2 thoughts on “LA BELLE FLORIDA

  1. Sandy

    Oh, forgot about all that spring break traffic! Yikes! The rest of the trip is hopefully a walk (or drive) in the park! Be safe!

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