We are now in Gulf state park here in Gulf Shores Alabama. We were here last year for a few weeks. This time it is our stepping off point to Arizona.

We got here Yesterday (Thursday)leaving Stephen Foster state park in Florida about 10 and getting here about four but really three as there is a one hour differance. Drove 365 miles, without any issues. Wednesday however was a different matter, we left Ortano Park about ten and things were good till we got to Tampa, then all lanes of the interstate were closed due to an accident. Everyone was getting off the same exit. A twenty mile detour lasted almost five hours of frustration, and after we got back on the interstate it was four hours of more driving to get to Stephen Foster yet. Drove 356 miles all together that day .Need less to say I was beat and not in a good mood, but we were safe and made it OK.

We will be here at Gulf Shores till the tenth then onward we go. Temps are cooler here than Florida by about twenty degrees or more and we are freezing, no more 80’s for a while.


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