We have now been here for almost three months, it seems like time is standing still. Of course time does not stand still and father time marches on. We have three more months to go here ,OUGH VAY. Even though Melissa is working, we both feel that we seem lost here. More I guess of not belonging here anymore. Ties we had before seem to be long gone now. No, scense of adventure here. Yes ,we have friends and family, but even with that, we seem to get in the middle of all the drama going on in there lives, without even trying. No need to say anymore, cause I’ll get in trouble. We both were thinking the other day, it would be nice to just pack up and leave, when the Rv get’s back, but, we would have to make a ton of changes in plans, so for now here we are. Don’t get me wrong we have a good time and all that but the day’s seem to go by just the way they did, before we started Rving, and that’s not what we want.

Anyway, on a good new’s front, we do have the truck back, and the Rv goes in This coming Tuesday, for repairs. While that’s in Melissa will be staying at a friend’s house, and her sister’s house, till it comes back. As for me I am in the shed or man cave, that is here at my brother’s. I will have all the comfort’s of home, more on that later.

This weekend is the fourth of July, so Doug and Jennifer (brother and sister in -law)are coming here with there new travel trailer for the week end. We have two Rv hook up’s here, and they will be trying out all there system’s to make sure all works. That should be fun, some rain forecast but, what ever. That’s about it for now.

One thought on “TIME STANDS STILL

  1. Sandy

    I’m sure your rv experience will be a valuable resource for your brother as he tests out his rig. Bill has good stories of helping our neighbor with his new rig. We find that people that don’t experience the travel and or rv lifestyle really don’t understand the beauty of being able to have this freedom. Our friends and siblings look at us crazy, especially the ones not yet retired. So we are very thankful for your friendship and enjoy comparing notes with you. Only those that have traveled can truly connect with us. But this little detour of yours will make your future travels all the sweeter. Have a happy July 4th!! May these next few months pass quickly. Then may time slow down again. 🇺🇸🎉😄

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