As of this post, Melissa and I , plus Cooper are now homeless. We have no place to call home. The Rv is now in the shop for at least two weeks. It rained all the drive to the Rv shop, then cleared up for the unhitch and drop off. Hopefully all should go well.

When we got back here, Melissa got all her stuff and then said her good byes, it was very hard seeing here drive away. She is staying with a very good friend this week, and will also go to work tomorrow ,Thursday and Friday. It makes no sense for her to come here after work as it would be about 40 miles or so to go back and forth. I think I will next see her Monday!!!, .

Cooper and I are here at my brother’s staying in the shed ( man cave) We have it all decked out. TV, radio, computer, coffee maker, micro wave, all the cooking stuff, a bed, recliner, air conditioner, a few fans and a heater if i need it. I have all the food and cold stuff in my brother’s refrigerator, which is only about 100 yards away. We are suppose to get rain for the next few days so will see how it will be all cooped up. Cooper is having a hard time already, he seems very confused, but he is here with his daddy so that should help.

Outside of the shed, with the screened in tent set up.
Bed all set up, the most important thing is to the left, my booze.
Rest of the set up,

3 thoughts on “HOMELESS

  1. Not so homeless…..the shed looks bigger than some of those tiny houses they show on Hgtv
    Not seeing a bathroom…….but ….maybe I don’t want to know 😊💕
    Looking forward to your “homeless captain’s log updates”

  2. Sandy

    Tiny homes are all the rage! Not much smaller than the rv. You’ve really got it all! Biggest thing missing is your better half ——- oops! I mean OTHER half. Haha
    I’m guessing she’ll get flowers upon her return!?

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