Well sort of, , it has now been two weeks, since the 5er has gone in the shop. It might be done by mid week????, the work has been delayed one way or another with, OH, this person was off last week, we need this part to put that in, and so on. Excuses, excuses, let’s get it done, we have seen it in the shop bay now for over a week. Getting a little frustrated to say the least ,and me living in a sardine can is not helping. It’s not really a sardine can but sure does feel like it, i am feeling very cramped all of a sudden in here. It has rained here a few of the days being in here and a lot of stuff is damp, and when it rains it gets humid in here, thank goodness i have an air conditioner, but being surrounded by four walls, a door and no windows it feels tight. I have been getting out here and there, plus Melissa has been over, but i don’t want her to stay long in here either. She has stayed at a friends house for a week and now at here sister’s house a week, which is getting old. She has been working during the week, so she has the truck to go back and forth. Today(Monday) however we went to my sister’s to see my nephew, who is a state trooper in South Carolina. It was a fun visit and we went in the pool( finally got a shower)when we got back here, it was hard to see her go, we both have said how much we miss each other. Hopefully only a few more day’s of this non sense. Maybe by the end of the week it will be normal again.!!!!

3 thoughts on “LIFE IN A SARDINE CAN!!!!

  1. Sandy

    “Distance makes the heart grow fonder “
    I imagine you’re counting the seconds to completion. Keeping our fingers crossed for you!

  2. Bill McHenry

    Hopefully you get the 5th wheel back soon and it is as good as brand new. Sounds like living in a storage shed sure has its draw backs

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