This morning we went to the dealer to look at the work being done. I was loaded for bear on what i wanted to say and expected. The service manager took us in the shop to see the rig. When we got to our Rv I asked him a few questions on what was happening and how they were going to lay the rubber roof on. Everything he told me was pretty much what i was hoping for. I then went up the ladder and talked to the guy working on the roof. We talked a little while and everything he said was what i wanted to hear. Upon looking at the roof, the new plywood was on and he was stapling down the side metal panels. We talked about ten minutes or so, and I let him get back to work. As we walked out of the shop, I felt a big sigh of relief, feeling pretty good the work this time will be good. As of right now we are set to pick the Rv up Saturday afternoon. All the work will NOT be done, this week was about the roof. The remaining work will have to be done in a week or so, which will require us to leave the Rv for the day. We have to be alright with that as there isn’t much we can do about it. Saturday will be the day to see how it turned out. Stay tuned to the great Rv debacle of 2021

New plywood on with side metal strips, looking toward the front
The back


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