We are now back in the 5er. We got it yesterday afternoon. I will not go into the roof much this post, but it did turn out good.

Our stay at the Holiday Inn Express was very nice. The room was big, had a nice shower, and had cable tv. Tuesday we did not have the truck as it had to go in for inspection and brakes. $1,600 dollars worth of brakes, but it was not a big surprise, I knew we were going to need new rotors and calipers along with the brakes. Anyway my mechanic was right down the street, so he picked up the truck and dropped it off. A few of the days Melissa went to work, which was not very far from where we were. I went in the pool most days, and just stayed around. We had our computer with us so that was good. For dinners we went to a few places, one was just a half mile away. The Buffalo Beer Project, we went there twice. The food was very good and we Did have a few beers, I rarely drink beer, but hay we didn’t pay for it. The food was also very good. From our window at the hotel we could see it was packed every day, which kind of surprised me. The other thing that surprised me was that the hotel was full every night, I never would have thought that ,being where it is. Anyway our stay is over. Cooper also had a good week of fun at the kennel. I have been checking out the rig here and will post on that tomorrow. Still a few issues.


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