We are now in Key Largo, at John Pennacamp State park. Will be here until Jan 5th 2022. We got here Friday afternoon, and got into our site pretty good. When we came over the last bridge into town, we both looked at each other and smiled then laughed. Everything looks the same as it was when we last left. We have already met all the other volunteers, and already we have set up a Halloween party for October 30th at our site. A lot of new rangers here this time (young) only a few left that we already know. Start work next week Tuesday, three days on, four days off. Below is a picture of our spot.

Below is a wrap up of our trip down here.

~ We took thirteen days to get to Key Largo

~The first six days were damp, and rainy, the last seven were sun and 80

~ We traveled seven of those days

~ Put on 1,924 miles towing the 5er

~ We had some issues this time traveling, which I am listing below.


The truck ran great, except for one time, which was my fault. In North Carolina, through the mountains, the engine light came on. I had a feeling that it was a fuel sensor, as I had filled up with regular gas that morning. The light stayed on a long while ,and I had to look it up on the internet to figure out how to get it off, which I did.

All of the trip I used premium gas, (except one time) a little more expensive, but actually I got about three more miles to the gallon, which was a surprise.

THE 5er

As I mentioned the first six days were damp and rainy. The Rv electric brakes went out all that time. Lucky I was on the thruways a lot. Somewhere I have a short in the wiring under the Rv. All of it is exposed so I am going to retape all the connections.

The hot water tank worked fine one day then it didn’t. When we turn on the switch for electric or propane, we trip the 10 amp breaker for the dc power. I checked on the Heartland forum, and everyone said I have a loose or broken connection. Well so far I cannot find it, I have had the big panel, the breaker panel off and the big bay is opened up now and I still could not find anything. I guess I will have to have someone come in and test everything. I think this will be a bigger job and more expensive job than I thought.

Look at all that wiring

The toilet took a dump, hay that’s funny. The closer valve broke on the toilet, and as it is five years old, I am just going to replace it. The water valve still works, but for now we have a softball in the drain to keep the gases out.

Batter up


The roof held up very well. It still has all the bubbles on the front, but it stayed on and I believe it is not a problem for now.

That’s about it for now, we are here safe and sound, and looking forward to helping out at the park, and unwinding for a few months.

4 thoughts on “KEY LARGO FLORIDA

  1. Bill McHenry

    Hot water tank. From the picture It looks like the black box in the back is the electrical junction box. Are you able to pull of the electrical box cover and inspect the connections. Possibly one of the wire nuts on the connections has fallen off and it is now shorting. The other thing you could try is disconnecting the wires in the box to isolate the water tank. Then turn on the 10 amp DC breaker to see if it trips. If it doesn’t trip your problem is in the electronics of the hot water tank

  2. Sandy

    The relaxing part sounds great! And you’ve got just enough issues to resolve to keep
    life from being too boring. But in that regard, I’m hoping your life can stay more boring for a while. Enjoy that sunshine! We are dealing with lies in the 20’s some nights but are continuing to work our way south and out of the mountains. Have seen snow on the ground the past couple days. Sounds like you’ll be keeping the fun going by organizing all the parties and that you’re the experienced ones this year.

  3. Mary

    ……ah the joys of home ownership….it’s always something. Sorry your drive down wasn’t as smooth as previous years. At least you will be in one spot long enough to get things fixed right. Enjoy the weather. In the lower 50’s here.

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