We are Glad to be in The Florida Keys !

Driving down to the Florida Keys

Sand and sun, my disease

Tall cold drink and coconut trees

Loving the feel of an island breeze

Might end up sleeping on the beach tonight

Under the stars and the full moons light

Laying on the beach right at Heavens door

Listenin to the sounds of the oceans roar

Seems a little crazy but one things for sure

I’ll come back again cause I just want more

Florida Keys, ocean breeze

Sand and sun, my disease

We definitely like it here too cause it’s now our 4th year here with our Fiver not in the cold of NY.

Upon our arrival at John Pennekamp we relaxed for maybe a day and then starting getting ready for Halloween!

yes Halloween, If you know me and my family that wouldn’t surprise you.

Helped decorate the Visitor Center for the Holiday. It was great to see that they used the decorations that me and other volunteers made over the past 3 years, recycle, recycle, it’s important.

It was definitely decorated really great! Unfortunately they can’t stay up all year and I had to take them all down Monday and yesterday. The Visitor Center/Aquarium looks empty without all the fun stuff hanging around.

On Friday the 29th of October Me, Ranger Tess and two other volunteers, Donna & Leah went to a Trunk or Treat at Key Largo Elementary School. We took some of the decorations at the aquarium and other Halloween paraphernalia and set up the truck.

We had a fun time! The kids got to poke a hole in the jellyfish for a prize, Ranger Tess brought some different animals skulls along to show and and tell. Donna & I got to get kids to color a fish take it with them of pin it on the reef which is the front of the table. We figure there was around 500 kids that came out for the fun!

We had our 2nd Halloween party on October 30th here in Key Largo. It was a lot of fun with all the volunteers and some rangers joining in on the fun. We had lots of good food, everyone brought a dish to pass, and played Halloween Trivia and other games.

I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures at all but here are a few. About 20 people were here.

Now we’re enjoying our stay in the Campground and will start to visit new and familiar old places in The Keys!

2 thoughts on “We are Glad to be in The Florida Keys !

  1. Wow it looks like you’ve been really busy. What a great Halloween you had. Your parents would be proud. Haha. I still remember the year we all raided your parents costume chest and dressed up hahah.

  2. Sandy

    Great decorations and what a fun place to volunteer. Love the shark hat and your skeleton shirt. Very clever. From being on the west side of the country since June, it was shocking to see your photos with no one wearing masks. It’s a whole different culture down there. Stay safe and keep on enjoying. We’re in Nevada now and everyone is required to mask indoors and here in Vegas area, everyone is complying.

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