We have been here in Key Largo now for a month or so. Pretty settled in . Our work days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Melissa is working in the visitor center, greeting people who come in there to see the aquarium. I am now at the Gate. Because of my good looks and charming personality, they decided to put me there, Haha, if you believe that one. I greet people who are coming in for the day and take there money, basicly that’s what I do. I like it, I meet all kinds of people, most very friendly, a few not so much. I feel sorry for them, they are in the keys, and coming in the park is one of the cheapest things you can do for the day around here. Oh well, I’m happy. Cooper is doing very well when we see him, he has been spending a lot of time with his friends at the Pet Motel lately. On a side note a twelve foot Phyton was caught the other day on a road in the park. It is a female , it will be released back into the wild with a tracker on it. Then tracked to see if it attracts any males. If so they will be caught and killed.

Ranger Drew and Ranger Sierra with the snake

The weather was hot when we got here, now it has cooled off to the high 70’s or so. Some rain is in the forecast. We have been to the beach several times and have gone swimming. Melissa took a snorkeling lesson from one of the volunteers named Jinny, last week, she spent an hour with her, and she did very well. Now I can’t keep her out of the water. With the new type of masks, it is very easy to learn how to do it. Over the week end we both snorkeled out to the buoy, where there are old 1735 shipwreck cannon and an anchor on the bottom, she loved it. It was about 100 yards or so off shore. She did very well ,and I am very proud of her.

Me coming in from the buoy

Update on the couple of issues we have had on the rig.

TOILET, We have a new one, as the stopper valve on the old toilet broke I just went out and bought a brand new one. Took me five minutes to put it in, no more soft ball for the stopper.

Old Toilet
Our new toilet, WHOO HOO. The small things in life make you happy

HOT WATER TANK. We now have some hot water. After spending hours in the bay looking for a break in the wires.

The bay and a tangle of wires.

And buying a new control box for the hot water tank, (which was not the problem)

I had Chad come over. He is our next door volunteer, and he had a volt meter. We spent over an hour going through everything and finally found the short. Inside the panel switch box, where there is a whole lot of wires, we found that two small wires coming from the small circuit board going to the lights that lite up when you turn on the hot water tank, were the issue. We disconnected those, and turned on the propane, and it fired up. However when you turn on the electric for the tank the propane also lights. That should not do that, it should only run on electric. So for now I am leaving it that way and just using propane. I will get to it soon when I have more time, but at least we have hot water.

Look at all the damn wires, Yikes.

For now that is about it. This week we are going to take a few day trips down to the lower keys to visit some sites.

3 thoughts on “KEY LARGO LIFE

  1. Bill McHenry

    Glad to here you have hot water and a new throne. A python. No Thanks. Interesting they put a tracker on it to see if it attracks males. I wonder how they know if mLes are hanging around or how they know thatvthe male hasn’t got the female pregnant leading to more little pythons? Glad to hear you two are enjoying yourselves

  2. Sandy

    Adventures galore! Snorkeling, snakes, wire chaos, water repairs and crabby visitors. Sounds like every day is bringing excitement, both good and bad. Hope the days ahead are only filled with fun and goodness. Enjoy all the fun!

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