Friday I went to the shooting range, say WHAT. Yep, i went and took a pistol class.

Island Arm & Indoor range is just a few miles down the road. I kept seeing the sign so I signed up for a class. The Class I took Friday was of course for beginners. A one hour class on how to properly hold, aim and shoot a pistol. It was $75.00 for the hour, I also had to rent a pistol, I choose one of there m1911 colt pistols, like the WWII kind, he said OK ,but I will also bring a Glock 9mm, for you also. With that I also had to buy ammunition for both pistols, A box of each for both was $75.00 . So with that and the rental of the pistol, it came to a grand total of $175.00

My instructor, who I forget his name was great, an, ex marine in his early thirties. The first 15 minutes was the on how to hold, stand, and get ready to shoot, we did a bunch of dry firing and all that. Then we went into the range. He set up a target of six circles, and put it out to about 15 feet or so away. Then we went over loading and safety stuff. We fired the m1911 first, my first shot kind of surprised me, it has a little bit of a kick. My grip was not tight as i was pretty nervous and sweaty. That all got better as we kept shooting. We fired 27 rounds of the m1911. Then we went to the Glock 9 mm., it was lighter and felt way better in my hand. We also changed the target to a silloeute of a person. That was about twenty or so feet away. He showed me where to shoot for the best results. We shot 27 rounds of that also. Then my time was up. He said I did very well, and if I want to come back I do not need another class.

45 caliber and 9mm ammo

Not bad for a half blind guy.

All in all, I had a great learning experience and a great time. I plan to go back about once a week. The pistol rental and range use is $45.00 an hour plus ammo. I will also use the Glock 9mm as I found it really easy to use. Do I plan on buying one after this, NO.

4 thoughts on “SHOOTING RANGE

  1. Bill McHenry

    I have shot a 45 caliber smith and wesson 1911. Much bigger kick than I expected. Hell of a gun. I also do not own a gun but I have friends that do and we would go to the range once/year. Expensive but fun. I have considered getting conceal carry but have not. Many RVers carry. Have researched guns in case of bear run in Or Rattlesnake during hikes. Conclusion is that a pistol would not stop a bear and a 22 gun with bird shot is probably best for rattlesnakes. Attended a RV class where the instructor suggested instead of a gun to carry wasp spray which shoots 25’ for defense which is anove my driver seat. I also carry beat spray in my backpack which also shoots 25’. Hope to never have to use either. You should take Melissa with you and let her shoot a 22 or 9 mm. Sandy is actially a really good shot with a rifle

    1. Sandy

      Holy cow! You better audition for the next 007 role! I would not want to meet you in a dark alley! Can’t even imagine what a little practice will do to your skills!! Glad you ‘bit the bullet’ on those fees.
      My dad took me out to shoot his guns when I was younger. I remember the kick.

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