Yes we do leave Recreation Plantation, and venture out.

A week ago we met up with our friends Jim & Ginny, who are are now volunteers at Lake Louisa State Park. We met them when we were all volunteering at John Pennekamp State Park.

Beach in the park.

Dave & I camped at Lake Louisa a few years ago and like it very much. This time we were going back to visit with our friends Jim & Ginny. They use to live in Clermont were Lake Louisa is so they know where everything is at. After we walked thru some of the park we went to the old section of Clermont, by the water where it was renovated, for dinner and ice cream.

We had a great time with them and are are hoping to meet up with them in the coming years when we head out west. Thanks Jim & Ginny! 💖

Today the 17th Dave & I ventured out to Lake Griffin State Park

The park is about 15 minutes from where we are at Recreation Plantation. We spent a few hours walking around and enjoying the park.

Our first stop was to the Oak Tree, just not your ordinary oak tree. . .

Now you can kinda tell how large it is by Dave standing right in the middle of the tree
I’m at the far left.
There, now you can see me. We were both impressed with the size and stature of this Old Oak Tree

We walked thur the campground area and down to the boat launch

The campsites are nice, they are all divided by fences and roomy.

Took the Cinnamon Fern trail to the Spur trail

On both sides of this tree were these posts with quotes on them

And then we finished the trail

This boundary of the park is right next to a housing development. I guess if you gotta be right next to something why not a state park? We both liked the park and would stay here if we were ever to be in this area again.

And yes we went to a Magic Show at The Plantation!

It was really a good show and we both liked it very much!

2 thoughts on “Yes we do leave Recreation Plantation, and venture out.

  1. Sandy

    We have been past Lake Louisa SP when staying with friends in Clermont. Nice area! The trail looks great and my favorite quotes were the last two in your post. :). I agree, living next to a state park would be ideal!! I hope you and Dave can replicate those magic tricks next time we see you! 🤣. Sounds like you’ve been having a great time!

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