Today we took a day trip to

We met Don and Mary at Wekiwa Springs State Park. They are staying in Titutsville and were at Lady Lake so it was a place where we could meet in between. It was a great day, because not only was it our anniversary, but I got to see Mary, my best buddy whom I known from school, who was also in our wedding, so she was a wonderful anniversary present. The only bad part was letting my present go.

Forty-two million gallons of crystal clear water flow each day from Wekiwa Springs into Wekiwa Springs Run. The run joins with Rock Springs Run to form the upper Wekiva River.  It was a really nice state park and we enjoyed walking and talking, mostly talking!

We went a mile and a half down the way to Wekiwa Island to a place called Without a Paddle Cafe for dinner.

All our dinners were very good!

This area was once a marina that was partially destroyed by fire in 1999 and then it was rebranded and reopened and now it’s a place to come to enjoy the area..

The neat thing about this restaurant is that it’s on the Wekiva River and you can watch canoeists, kayakers and paddle boarders go by while your eating. It’s also nice for them because they can dock and get a drink or a bit to eat too.

Thanks Mary, Don we had a great Anniversary!

4 thoughts on “Today we took a day trip to

  1. Love you Bestie 😉
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Dave
    We had a wonderful time.
    Dave made some very good tourist choices 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you again.

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